The Challenge

Autodesk runs a stable version of SAP. But despite paying high fees for SAP customer-specific support, Autodesk was not receiving any patches or enhancements for compliance. How could we enhance its support while slashing costs—and unlock value across the company?

The support engineers are responsive, efficient, and engaged directly on resolving our issues. They don’t respond with stall tactics or try to push unneeded patches to ‘try’ and resolve issues, like SAP support.

– Ajith Kumar, Senior Manager ERP Applications

The Approach

Autodesk was looking for a support partnership, and after researching alternatives for SAP support, Autodesk selected Spinnaker Support. Spinnaker Support’s overall culture, financial strength, and SAP support expertise made the decision to move to away from SAP for a fraction of the cost, a smart and easy transition.

The Solution

Autodesk became a Spinnaker Support customer in late 2016 and have been a highly-satisfied customer since inception. Spinnaker Support currently provides their application maintenance support for SAP, and additional localisation patches for Spain. We deliver customised patches specific for Autodesk’s SAP environment, which significantly decreases the time to install and deploy service packs previously delivered by SAP.

The Results

After a year with Spinnaker Support, Autodesk reinvested their cost savings back into the company. We have developed a long-term partnership, and Autodesk is looking to expand Spinnaker Support’s roll by considering additional consulting projects. Their IT department and Spinnaker Support’s assigned support team are on first name terms, and we know and understand their SAP applications and surrounding integration points.


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