The A-to-Z Guide to Third-Party Support

Third-party Oracle and SAP support is a direct replacement of vendor-provided support by a company that is not the original software publisher. It is always at least half the cost of publisher support and typically provides faster, more personalised service.

The Details

For more than fifteen years, third-party support (3PS) for Oracle and SAP enterprise software has served as an alternative to publisher support. Over the years, it has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of the enterprise software market and to fill gaps not addressed by Oracle and SAP.
Third-party support is available for virtually any Oracle or SAP on-premise enterprise or infrastructure product set. The most obvious benefits of switching from publisher support to a third-party software vendor include immediate cost savings, improved quality of service, and power to avoid unwanted software vendor lock-in.
Despite nearly 4,000 customers, 3PS is not well understood in comparison to the familiar models of Oracle and SAP support. Not helping matters, the software publishers have worked hard to protect their support revenues, often by spreading confusion and misinformation regarding 3PS.

Spinnaker Support 2019

To set the record straight, we designed this guide as a starting point and single-source reference for 3PS. Whether you are an IT expert, C-level executive, procurement specialist, or application end-user, you will find useful tips, stories and advice to help you determine if 3PS is the right choice for your organisation. 

Topics covered include:

  • What Is Third-Party Software Support (3PS)?
  • How Does 3PS Differ from Software Publisher Support?
  • What Is Driving the Adoption of 3PS?
  • Why Do Companies Switch to 3PS?
  • What Prevents Organisations from Adopting 3PS?

This guide serves as a starting point and single-source reference for all your questions about Third-Party Support.

  • How Do You Select a Third-Party Vendor?
  • What Are the Steps of the Evaluation Process?
  • What Is the Typical 3PS Customer Journey?
  • Recap: The Benefits of Third-Party Support
  • Spinnaker Support: Your Wins are Our Wins
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